The Company

WALTER BETON GmbH is mainly composed of the same staff from the international sleeper business of WALTER BAU-AG, who look forward to carry on the business partnership our clients have been placing their confidence in over the past years.
The company is dedicated to delivery of special equipment for production of every kind of pre-cast elements.

Core business is the transfer of technology for manufacturing of pre-stressed concrete sleepers.
Our WALTER System is market and technological leader in Germany and Europe. The principle of our technology and our product „WALTER Sleeper“ is based on a system developed and approved with and by the Deutsche Bahn AG (formerly Deutsche Bundesbahn) – German Railways, which has

been defined as a standard in many countries by railway operators. The scope of services provided by us is mainly subdivided in four items:


Delivery of know-how, training of the staff and delivery of the production equipment including after sales services, design of buildings, workshops, laboratory and required infrastructure


Supply and installation of the sleepers factory


Production and delivery


Technical assistance during the production