Positive end anchorage by anchor plates:


avoids pretension losses due to bad adhesion between reinforcement and concrete


offers a very good distribution of tension force and makes available already the full pretension force under the rail seats


enables a transmission of the splitting tension forces to the upper passing anchor plate

Required area for production plant.


Due to the production system of one single sleeper in triple or quadruple moulds individual plants for cycle production can be designed for existing buildings or halls. Producing in cycle production plants does not require an increased demand for areas to erect plants.

Upon request and demand the production plant can be dismantled and erected very quickly so that the location requirements can be met in a flexible manner.
Taking into account all these advantages the manufacture of pre-stressed concrete sleepers according to the WALTER

System offers the benefit of an operation-safe and cost-effective production system.
This system gives less opportunities for the production personnel to make mistakes in the production. The success is high-quality sleepers with a low number of defective sleepers (approx. 0,5 °/oo).